• Massage Lido Key

    Cristobal's Massage is at St. Armands Circle, Sarasota FL.

    We want every massage treatment to be relaxing and enjoyable first.  Foot Massage Delight

  • Massage Sarasota

    Cristobal's Massage Sarasota

    At Cristobal's Massage in Sarasota we offer a full line of quality massage therapy services.  Please, take a look at our  Nirvana Massage

  • Sarasota Massage

    Cristobal's Massage
    at St. Armands Circle

    Cristobal's Massage is located at beautiful St. Armands Circle.  St. Armands is a beautiful neighborhood, with abundant shops and many restaurants. We are also next to the beach...St. Armands Circle

  • Sports Massage Sarasota, FL

    Cristobal's Massage:  Sarasota Massage Therapy at the Circle.

    Gorgeous Lido Beach is right there, with glamorous sunsets every evening. Our Couples Massage is a great idea before dinner.  Couples Massage

  • Couples Massage Sarasota

    Cristobal's Massage Sarasota

    At Cristobal's we belief that a massage should be first relaxing. Relaxation can be a goal in itself, or the first step in every treatment.   Plese, check our massage therapy philosophy Our Massage Philosophy

  • Couples Massage Longboat Key

    At Cristobal's we belief in the healing power of massage therapy.

    Whether the objective is relaxation, facilitating healing, or recuperating fast from a sports event, massage therapy is powerful.  And it always feels great!   Perfect Combination Massage

  • Sarasota Therapeutic Massage

    We like massage therapy so much, that's all we do.

    At Cristobal's Massage we design your massage to your specifications:   From the very light massage, to true deep tissue.  Massage Techniques

  • Massage Longboat Key

    At Cristobal's Massage all we offer is quality massage therapy.

    Cristobal's Hot Stone Massage

  • Massage St. Armands

    At Cristobal's Massage Sarasota we think of massage therapy as a deep meditation.

    At Cristobal's we invite you to go to that special place only you know.   Garden of Eden Aromatherapy Massage

  • St. Armands Circle Massage

    At Cristobal's we belief massage therapy is nourishment for body and soul.

    Massage therapy is a powerful and helpful tool.  And it always feels great!  Massage of Scalp, Face, Neck & Shoulders

  • Sarasota Massage & Bodywork

    Cristobal's Massage Sarasota At St. Armands Circle.

    Come to our little paradise.Swedish Relaxation Massage

Massage Therapy Menu

Refresh,  Renew,  Rejuvenate....

Massage leaves one feeling home again in one's body, feeling well.

It's unlike anything else...It's more like a heavenly experience. At Cristobal’s every Massage has a unique purpose: You and your Wellness. What your body and spirit require. Allow yourself to let go and rejuvenate with the Art of Massage. Come to Cristobal's and feel completely restored...
We invite you to experience the difference.

Massage Menu

Welcome to Cristobal's Massage Sarasota:  Massage at St. Armands Circle

Massage Therapy That Feels Great

At Cristobal's Massage in Sarasota we belief every massage should be relaxing and enjoyable, and designed for you, the client.  At Cristobal's we offer many Massage Therapy & Bodywork methods and techniques:   Swedish Therapeutic Massage and Light Esalen massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Medical and Neuromuscular Massage, Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Massages, and we practice all these different methods with one goal:  RELAXATION and CONFORT FIRST.   Please, take a look at our Sarasota Massage Center's philosophy.

The Massage For You

Sarasota Couples Massage

We also offer Massage delicacies such as the Foot Massage Delight, and our very special Couples Massage.  Medical Massage & Neuromuscular Massage for headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, whiplash, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and strengthening or stretching specific muscles are also our specialties.   Please, take a look at our  Massage Therapy Services, including our very popular Perfect Combination Massage, the "Nirvana" Massage, and the Couples Massage.   We also offer a deeply relaxing, very effective true Deep Tissue Massage for deep tissue lovers, and a great Sports Massage that is designed for you and the sport you play.

Swedish Relaxation Massage

Great Massage Therapy at a Great Location

Cristobal's Massage is located on St. Armands Circle in Sarasota, Florida.   St. Armands Circle is for many the most beautiful neighborhood in the Sarasota-Bradenton area.   St. Armands Circle is located on Lido Key, perhaps the most pristine place to receive a relaxing massage in Sarasota, and Cristobal's Massage is as good as it gets. St. Armands Circle is located just South of Longboat Key, and features a lovely roundabout with a small park in the middle, right next to the beautiful beaches.   There are many great restaurants and shops you can browse in, after a wonderful stress reducing Massage Therapy session at Cristobal's Massage Sarasota.   Please, take a look at our  Sarasota Massage Center location.

Cristobal's Massage - Hot Stone Massage Sarasota

Experienced Massage Therapists

Cristobal has various Licensed Massage Therapists from Sarasota that are highly skilled and professionally trained. Each Massage is customized to your specific needs and Cristobal himself is a master Massage Therapist.   Many people rave that he offers the very best Massage in Sarasota and beyond.  With Cristobal's Massage you are guaranteed to get great value for your money - "Our goal is to create satisfied customers out of each and every person we massage."   If you are relatively new to massage therapy we encorage you to learn about the  benefits of massage therapy.  If you don't get massaged regularly, we also recommend you read our regular protocols at our Sarasota massage therapy wellness center.

Cristobal's Massage also offers "at home" Massage services for clients at or around St. Armands Circle, the Sarasota area, and Longboat Key.   Receiving Massage Therapy wherever you are staying allows you to remain in a relaxed state in the comfort of your own location.  This is such a wonderful way to pamper yourself and your loved ones.   You can luxuriate in the process of integrating the therapeutic benefit of the Massage without having to go anywhere afterwards. 

Sarasota Massage Gift Certificates

Cristobal's Massage - Sarasota Massage Gift Certificate

We also offer Massage Therapy Gift Certificates!   So if you live in the Sarasota area, or are just visiting, we invite you to treat yourself and your loved ones to a wonderful pain and stress reducing Massage at Cristobal's Massage Sarasota Wellness Center, on St. Armands Circle.  Massage gift certificates are available for all massage therapy services.   Show your love to that special one!    Customized Cristobal's Massage gift certificates can be purchased by phone or at our Massage Center.   You'll be glad you did!

Massage Sarasota - Couples Massage Specialist

Cristobal's Massage - Quality Sarasota Massage

  • Sarasota Chamber of Commerce
  • National Certification Board for 				Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
  • Sarasota Visitors Bureau
  • Longboat Chamber of 				Commerce
  • St. Armands 			Circle Association - Sarasota
  • Florida State Massage Therapy Association - 		Sarasota Chapter
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